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Special Design Bureau

CNC Machines Tools Manufacturing and Servicing - we solve any equipment related technical challenge

We Manufacture CNC Machine Tools

We Offer CNC Machine Tools Repair and Modernization Services

We Complete Works at Short Notice



+7 (3473) 439-281

+7 (906) 108-56-35


Our Mission

SKB “Stankostroenie” LTD. was established in 2012. Today SKB “Stankostroenie” LTD. is a rapidly developing company. It was founded by former specialists of Sterlitamak Machine-Tool Enterprise famous for its rich history in machine-tools building. The management and technical staff of SKB “Stankostroenie” Ltd. have a considerable baggage of experience, they have mastered the best competences of world machine-tool building and, establishing a new company, they preferred to follow European type of small and medium-sized enterprise development.


Machine-tools that we manufacture and offer to our customers are designed by a team of highly qualified design and technology engineers.  Our machines - CNC lathes, multifunctional and multi-axis, horizontal and vertical CNC milling machines, double column machining centers - have a modern design. They are distinguished by their structural rigidity, high reliability and possibility to expand their technological capabilities by equipping them with various modern optional accessories. These machines are suitable for different industries.


In addition to machine-tools manufacturing we are ready to accommodate with our customers in a way to help them to improve and modernize machine-tool equipment that they have.  Deep modernization of machine-tools provides high productivity and accuracy of part cutting for many years.

Top-Notch Professionals at Your Disposal

Highly qualified staff of SKB “Stankostroenie” Ltd. offers a complete line of services: installation and commissioning, training of customers’ technicians, creating of technological programs for different components machining and after-sales service.

 Success and rapid developments of our company depend largely on experience and professionalism of our staff. Our team combines top professionals who have built up deep industry and functional expertise in machine-tool building. We value the name and reputation of our company, credibility and experience, that’s why we perform the highest-quality work in the shortest time.


 Our Dedication to Our Customers

Substantial priority of our company is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers through improvement of qualitative characteristics of our machines and expansion of metal cutting equipment range.

 We believe that “Every Customer is Our Best Customer” and passing our knowledge along to customers empowers them to make well-informed decisions.

 Starting a cooperation with SKB “Stankostroenie” Ltd.  you obtain a reliable and highly-qualified partner that you can trust when handling various technological challenges.


 Our Experience

Our team has successfully implemented a number of projects.  Products of SKB “Stankostroenie” LTD. are being operated at such enterprises as PJSC «UEC-Ufa Engine Industrial Association», JSC “Agregat”, OJSC “AK VNZM”, LTD “Baltic plant-shipbuilding”, JSC “UAP “Gidravlika” , etc.

Zharinov Victor Vladimirovich


Working Process Photos


100% guarantee that the work will be done on time

Individual machine-tool modernization projects according to the customer’s drawings

High qualification and experience of our specialists

On-site visits of our specialists

Repair and modernization of any CNC machine

Guaranteed high accuracy, quality and efficiency

Our Products

S50 Series Machining Centers

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Double-Column Machining Centers

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Even high quality and modern equipment requires timely diagnostics, preventive maintenance and replacement of components when required. If you use hi-tech equipment made by leading manufacturers then its maintenance can be trusted only to top professionals. SKB “Stankostroenie” LTD pays special attention to quality and speed of service works fulfillment.

Expert maintenance is a guarantee of a long-lasting performance.

In order to prevent machine-tool breakdown it is necessary to follow operating rules and to be aware about specifics of certain mechanisms adjustment. Proper maintenance will help to avoid many problems, but wear of mechanisms is problem that cannot be prevented. But it is possible to significantly slow this process or to respond quickly to the problem and solve it.

SKB “Stankostroenie” LTD can solve any technological challenge. Specialists highlight three main equipment wear periods. Each of them has influences efficiency and quality of machined parts:


Interfacing parts and mechanisms that are constantly involved in friction process tend to be the first to wear. Extent of wear depends on quality of the components themselves.


During the second period extent of wear increases. The longer the run-time is, the more complicated is the problem. Service repair can fix this flaw.


Wear process reaches its peak. Ambient noise appears during the work of equipment, machined parts have defects, manufacturing process slows down. This situation shows that heavy repair of the equipment is required.


Metal cutting machines modernization (replacement of CNC control, drives, motors and electrical cabinets), including deep modernization (replacement of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and other components)


Metal cutting machines spareparts and components supply to our customers worldwide


CNC machines-tools electrical cabinets assembly.


Manufacturing and supply of rotary tables (4th axis) and tilting rotary tables (4th and 5th axis) for CNC machining centers and CNC milling machines


Metal cutting machines repair services


+7 (3473) 439-281 (fax)

+7 (3473) 439-281

+7 (964) 955-18-88

124 Gogol Str., Sterlitamak, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation, 453130



+7 (3473) 439-281

+7 (906) 108-56-35